From Dust to Dust 

2016 | soil, clay | Northfield Arts Guild Gallery | Northfield, MN

"For you were made from dust, and to dust you shall return."

-Genesis 3:19

This performance piece explored the relationship between humans and earth, artists and viewers, beginnings and ends. This life is a gift to live out our individual stories: stories that are all connected through the common source of the earth. To forget this connection is to lose the foundation that brings life full circle.

We come from the soil and to it we return.

Who will you be in between?



Please Do Not Touch the Art

2016 | soil, carrot, seeds, pedestals | Public Functionary | Minneapolis, MN

"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution."

-Paul Cézanne

What happens when we revere the Earth in the same way we revere Art?

The soil becomes sacred, the seeds are glorified, and the carrot turns into a masterpiece.

But aren’t all of these statements already true? At the root, Earth and Art are the same.

So please respect the Earth.

Please do not touch the Art.


The Earth is my Mother

2016 | soil, snow | Northfield, MN

A de-installation of the soil from Vege-table.


2015 | local veggies, soil, seeds, community members | Groot Gallery | Northfield, MN

For this project, I hosted three meals for a variety of guests. Each meal featured a different vegetable from a local farm in Northfield, Minnesota: beets, onions, and sweet potatoes. The event started with a hand-printed invitation and ended with a scattering of seeds. Vege-table was a project to connect strangers through conversation around food to reconnect us with our natural resources and appreciate the beauty of our natural world.

Eat Your Veggies!

2015 | ink, paper | St. Olaf College | Northfield, MN

A veggie propaganda piece for public spaces.